Project Setup

Some Assembly Required...

Before we can build this project together, there are a few things you'll need to do on your own. If you're not sure how to do these items, just review the appropriate lectures where I taught you how to do them. If you've watched the course this far, these shouldn't be new to you.

  1. Download the attached project files, and extract them to the directory where you've been serving your files from so you can view the site in a browser. (I've created the HTML templates you'll see in this course, and they're packed with this download and ready to go.)
  2. Create an empty database for your course project.
  3. Configure your DB settings and URL in the .env file.
  4. In the console, change the directory to the files you just extracted, and then run the following commands.
composer install
php artisan migrate
npm install
npm run dev
  1. Now register an account on your new site. I've already configured your site to use laravel/ui so it gets installed when you run composer install. It's also pre-configured with Vue.js.